ABOUT Thorne Guitar Tuition

At Thorne Guitar Tuition we specialise in all aspects of contemporary guitar: Electric and Acoustic; Rock, Blues plus Slide guitar. Our teaching style places a heavy emphasis on the practical, yet the theoretical becomes an important component of skill and knowledge development. Students will spend more time holding and playing a guitar, than just talking about how to play the instrument. Students of all ages are encouraged to explore their musical passion and capabilities with Thorne Guitar Tuition Albert Park.

Beginners to Advanced Guitar Lessons

With specialised guidance and support Thorne Guitar Tuition inspires every beginner to reach their goal and beyond.

Robert Thorne is a highly experienced teacher and a most talented musician who has played guitar professionally for over 30 years and so for those who already have the knowledge and skill, and yet would like to go the extra mile, he offers the finesse and expertise required.

Guitar Lessons

Thorne Guitar Tuition offers guitar lessons to students of all ages. We are situated in Albert Park and highly accessible to suburbs such as South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Middle Park, St Kilda, the CBD and all adjoining suburbs. Lessons take place in the Albert Park studio, although Thorne Guitar Tuition also offers a home-visiting service.